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Radahr 2.0 is coming. A major overhaul with tons of new extremely powerful features. We're onboarding customers exclusively, on a ten-by-ten basis. Be the HR trailblazer that all of us need today. Make a difference and be first in line to experience recruiting two point hero.

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"For our company, Radahr remains the ideal recruiting solution. Thanks to Radahr we now have a centralized dashboard that enables us to save lots of time. The dashboard creates insight into an objective estimate, regarding all current vacancies."

— Thomas Truyens, director with Intersig NV

"Radahr is an efficient tool, for our recruiting partners and HR as well. A tool that allows us to create a clear overview on all candidates, and provides us with a way to judge them quickly. Good to know: Radahr's service is great!"

— Katrien Bael, Head of HR at Mediafin

"The government assigns us with the taks to create insight into labor market trends. We want to get these numbers through Radahr."

— Joke Van Bommel, spokesperson for VDAB

"We've been working with Radahr for a couple of months for one of our most important customers. Radahr allows us to follow up quickly and correctly."

— Ellen De Paepe, senior consultant with Start People

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